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As the 2014-2015 season closes in on us. Here at Toxic Calls we too are super excited to start putting Steel to Feather. Here in the Deth Lab we are always working to improve our Waterfowl and Predator Calls. Last summer was no different.

On the waterfowl side of the house. We started off with a fresh new logo and artwork. The super sick Signature Gerry Shaw trademarked designs merely prepares you for the sounds that the calls are capable of producing. With the fresh new look lazered, we next moved on to the tone board of the Duck Call. All three models the NBD, NBD2 and the ever so super popular DS3 all received a more aggressive bore and arch on the tone board. Along with the aggressiveness we moved the reed closer to you mouth for crazy control and speed. Never before has our line up of Duck Calls been so full of range. From ear shattering Top end, to the super nasty bottom end, Toxic Calls has your calling style covered, and just might add a little bit to it also. It was time to pull out all the stops.

The Goose calls were next up in the make over chair. The same unmistakable artwork now graces the EOD, the TBH and the small goose hypnotizing LYC. Then the magic happened. For 2014 all Toxic Calls Goose calls will have the new "AI" insert. A aluminum insert now secures the gut system in place. A small price to pay in the name of "making a better Goose Call"

Last year we released the AVICIDE series Duck and Goose Calls to the public. With overwhelming response they were embraced with open arms. The only complaint was the un- customizable engravings, and why don't they have the sick logo. We couldn't agree more. So now the AVICIDE comes in a Solid Black Body, and now we let you choose your engraving colors. All this matches with a great price. #Boom that just happened. The AVICIDE Duck and Goose calls are the same exact calls as our flashy more aggressive looking calls, just slightly stealthy.

Don't think the Line up of Toxic's Predator Calls went un noticed. Last year was a banner year for putting Fur on the Ground. In the name of Predator Control more Waterfowl Hunters hit the fields after season. Toxic was there with the tools they needed. We have them all decked out in the new sick artwork, and now the engravings are customizable as well. We redesigned the TTT, gave it a thicker wall which allows for greater reach when your locating that pack of Song Dogs. With the Changes we only felt right to rename her. T3 was to be her new call sign. The TDR and the TSR are our go to predator calls and they merely got the artwork change. Why mess with perfection.

Just as we vow to never settle into complacency. The reworking of the Turkey Call line up for next season is happening as you read this.

We can't thank you, our loyal customers enough. You have not only embraced our uniqueness with open arms. You have made Toxic Calls what it is today. A call company that knows no boundaries. Just remember at Toxic is were the lines became not only blurred, but we shattered what the rules in Duck Calls were.

Thank you again for purchasing one of the many Toxic Waterfowl, Predator and Turkey Calls.
Toxic Calls Toxic Goose Calls Toxic Duck Calls Toxic Predator Calls Toxic Calls Pro Staff Toxic Gear Contact Toxic Calls
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