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Toxic is not just a name. Toxic is not just a call. Toxic is an attitude, a style. Toxic is a call with sound to match its sick one of a kind look.   You don’t quit till the job is done, your call shouldn’t either.  A Toxic Call stands the test of time; it is a call that doesn’t need an introduction. It is a call that only takes one look to know what it’s here to do.   It didn’t take us long to know where we stood. We took a stance and said, “If we have to explain it you wouldn’t understand.” This hasn’t changed. We take pride in producing the most cutting edge Waterfowl Calls, and for 2012 a set of Predator Calls unlike any before it. We knew what we wanted, and knew how to get it.

We knew we wanted a call that had the looks of the expensive alternative materials, but the sounds of the softest of woods. A call that has a lower molecular density to produce the soft nasally feed chatter, but stiff enough to reach to the dark side of the timber. We built a call with the low end to finish birds and the top end to change their minds.

With the onslaught of the season, your search has ended.  The search you thought would never end. Finally you have found a call as unique as you are. A game call that sounds like the one you have been searching for, a call that fits your style and your attitude. A call to live by… Toxic 

Thanks again, and keep putting steel to feather…
Toxic Calls

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