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Cell: 208-420-3405

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Toxic Calls
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Fill out the form below, to apply as a Pro Staffer for Toxic Calls. We will contact you shortly to discuss our application.
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Please answer the questions below and provide as much detail as possible.
Do you have an active website?  If so, please share it with us.
Are you more interested in waterfowl hunting, bowfishing, predator hunting or turkey hunting?
Were you referred to us by someone that is currently on our staff?  If so, please provide their first and last name.  Also, include their position with us (Field Staff or Pro Staff).
Please provide a detailed description of your outdoor passions/activities.  Tell us your favorite species to hunt/fish and why.  Also, include all outdoor activities pertaining to hunting and fishing.  Please include methods in your descriptions.
Do you operate an active outfitter business or guide service, or are you a guide for an active outfitter or guide service?  If so, please include the name and location of the outfitter/guide service along with any websites or Facebook pages associated. 
Why do you feel that hunting is important? 
Please list any company(s) in the outdoor industry that you are affiliated with, or were once affiliated with at any point in time.  If you have any staffing history with another game call company please list here.  If you are currently staffing for a game call company please provide a description of why you no longer wish to staff for that company.
Are you a member of any non-profit, outdoor related, or conservation groups/organizations?  If so, please list them here and provide the duration of your membership.
Please tell us why you are interested in staffing for Toxic Calls.  Please be descriptive and explain yourself thoroughly.
Toxic Calls Toxic Goose Calls Toxic Duck Calls Toxic Predator Calls Toxic Calls Pro Staff Toxic Gear Contact Toxic Calls
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